From Arte Povera

From Arte Povera

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This catalogue is a record of 3 consecutive solo exhibitions held at Marian Goodman Gallery, New York from January through June 2015 of work by Arte Povera artists Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Penone and Luciano Fabro. 

"Arte Povera does not represent a unified group of artists but rather an extended group who joined together briefly for several exhibitions, and then followed their own paths. What is also essential to know is that this is one of the most important groups of artists in recent art history, gaining full strength in the 1960s and making justified claims for the present and beyond...'From' (Arte Povera) also means that the works are part of, but don't represent the whole as there is no general Arte Povera style; the three artists shown recently represent individual aspects of what Arte povera has been and still is—namely a poetic expression with different sculptural means."
- Dieter Schwarz

Essays by Dieter Schwarz and Maddalena Disch
Published by Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
174 pages

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