Gerhard Richter Strip Paintings

Gerhard Richter
Strip Paintings

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition that took place at Marian Goodman Gallery in New York in 2012, this catalogue includes two essays by art critic Benjamin Buchloch—Gerhard Richter: Glass Insurrection and The Chance Ornament: Painting Progress Painting Loss. The latter exploring Richter’s Strip paintings, the former focusing on the artist’s Standing Glass Panels (2002-2011), those two texts shed new light on Richter’s interest with various materials—glass, metal panels and computer printouts—and also with the creative process in itself, as the Strip paintings largely explore the role of chance in the production of images. 

With these recent works, the artist questions painting and its status as a relevant medium in the digital age. Echoing other artists’ bold use of materials—like Duchamp and his Large Glass (1915-1923)—and some of his own previous works like the color chart paintings, this body of works show an artist still capable of adding to an already major contribution to the field of visual arts.

Published by Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
ISBN 0944219209

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